I have been active in the field of sound art and field recordings for more than fifteen years but it was not until 1994 that I became involved with more ‘conventional’ music. Among the groups, with which I played at that time, there was a free-form performance collective called SALA, with which we have made a series of rowdy, provocative appearances at all major contemporary music festivals in Lithuania including Sumirimas, Didelis pasaulis, Mėnuo Juodaragis, Tundra, and Supynės. With SALA we have released more than fifteen official and unofficial albums and appeared in many concerts. Starting from the year 2000, our work naturally transformed into a different kind of collaboration. We continue to appear as a trio in live performances, while I alone produce recordings. My personal interest lies more in very silent sounds, almost inaudible without the special equipment. Meanwhile in concerts, to achieve greater effect, we use guitars, analog synthesizers and DIY instruments. In addition to collecting natural and environmental sounds and creating sound maps, I also lead guided ‘audio tours,’ sound workshops and talks on acoustic ecology. In my own work I focus mostly on sounds that are not normally audible to the human ear, unless it is aided with technology, such as underwater mics, contact mics, seismic activity sensors, and electromagnetic field antennas – anything what can help discover the inaudible world around us.

Audrius Šimkūnas

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