Intention to Remember is one of Laura Stasiulytės performative video artworks, in which the artist tries to retrieve her memory of the songs and sings them here and now, sitting in the kitchen, without any preliminary rehearsals or scripts, but with all lost words, stanzas, and abundant pauses – her attempts to remember. The duration of silent episodes depends on the artist’s memory, while the duration of the whole video coincides with the duration of the VHS tape. The artist recollects and sings all the songs she has (not) sung in her life – from the ones she was taught at school to the repertoire of family celebrations.

Laura Stasiulytė (b. 1977) currently lives and works in Vilnius. She teaches at the Photography and Media Art Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Among the key themes, which became apparent already in her early works, are the nature, development and implementation of ethnic identity through education and the media; the influence of widespread dichotomies, such as us/them and local/foreign, on interpersonal relationships; and the individual’s place in different language, mentality, or ideological systems. The artist combines diverse media in her works including video documentaries, slide projections, photography, sound recordings, texts and drawings.