“Pareidolic Bodies” (2020) is an art research project touching on the issues of electromagnetic pollution, radiation, sonic weapons, and sound healing. In his work, the composer employs mind-altering structures of sound frequencies, various scientific and technological methods borrowed from research on the magnetic fields emanating from organs of the human body, such as the heart and brain, and the impact of external fields, such as electromagnetic radiation of new communication technologies and noise pollution in urban areas, on the human body. This work is performed on Kala Sound System – a do-it-yourself analog sound system developed in Vilnius.

Jokūbas Čižikas (b. 1988) is an artist, living and working in Vilnius and Athens. His art practice encompasses installation and performance art, sculptural prototypes and audio-visual compositions, in which he explores the super-sensory phenomena, the interaction between nature and technology, and socio-political structures.

Since 2009, the Kala Sound System has been a ‘DIY’ affair devoted to the development of an analog sound system to play dub, drone, dancehall music, and sometimes to be used within the context of audio-visual art.