Jauna Muzika 2020 “Collectibles#1” September 3‒6, 2020 Arts Printing House, Vilnius Jauna Muzika Festival presents artists working with sound and music as a form of experimental art. It is one of the oldest and most changed music festivals in Lithuania, founded in 1992. As the concept of music changed, maintaining its relevance so did the


Ellipses for string quartet (2003) Referring to an ellipse as a mathematical or geometrical term, the title denotes a certain trajectory, which is consistently reflected in the work’s macro- and microstructures, thereby affecting most of its musical parameters. It also alludes to yet another, linguistic, term of an ellipsis – a rhetorical omission of words


Intention to Remember is one of Laura Stasiulytė’s performative video artworks, in which the artist tries to retrieve her memory of the songs and sings them here and now, sitting in the kitchen, without any preliminary rehearsals or scripts, but with all lost words, stanzas, and abundant pauses – her attempts to remember. The duration


Eye Gymnastics is a stage name of Viktorija Damerell and Gailė Griciūtė. The artists collaborate in creating experimental music performances, which often feature verbal instructions used in eye gymnastics and mindfulness meditation, as well as verbal healing charms. In their vocal explorations, sensual timbres merge with mental voyages, hypnosis and the echoes of pop music.


Clockwork Giuseppe (aka Ignas Juzokas) is a Lithuanian sound designer, techno producer and theatre composer. At the festival he will improvise on modular synthesizer.


Sravati is a Sanskrit word that is related to Lithuanian verb ‘srovena,’ which means ‘it is flowing / running.’ The structure of this piece is a flow – from one section to another, interchanging between small and narrow, wide and powerful currents. Those currents are of mind, or sound and air (and there is a


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