Jauna Muzika 2020


September 3‒6, 2020

Arts Printing House, Vilnius

Jauna Muzika Festival presents artists working with sound and music as a form of experimental art. It is one of the oldest and most changed music festivals in Lithuania, founded in 1992. As the concept of music changed, maintaining its relevance so did the festival itself, its directions, and sometimes its names.

The Jauna Muzika Festival that brings together sound art and performativity, visual art and experimental practices of new music returns on September 3‒6, 2020, and offers fifteen events, inviting to explore the theme of “Collectibles.”

The festival roster features artists whose work is conceptually related to the practices of sonic experiences, memory, documentation of corporeal gestures, and their translation into sound. They will present works, in which various means of knowledge accumulation become rethought in the context of a musical work conceived as a ‘subjective archive.’ A conventional concert appearance gives way to a theatrical stage presence; gestures are perceived through the medium of sound; and sounds reach us not only from the outside world but also from our echoic memory. The festival audience will have yet another opportunity to collect aural experiences together with the featured artists whose collections of physical and virtual storage formats will be showcased in performances, concerts and video screenings.

The theme of this year’s edition invites us to explore the multitudinous diversity of experimental music, without drawing distinctions between electronic and acoustic music, and introduces our carefully selected collection, albeit somewhat corrected by the quarantine, of some of the most adventurous, searching artists working in the world today. The four-day-long festival will be held at the Arts Printing House in Vilnius, each night filling different combinations of spaces with individual visions of music.

Arturas Bumšteinas, programme curator

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