Sholto Dobie was born in Edinburgh and lives in Vilnius. He works with sound, music and performances as well as organising events and exhibitions. Recent audio works include Preambula, Amplify Festival: quarantine (2020) and House Flood, WEST, Den Haag (2020), and performances at Counterflows Festival, Glasgow (2019) and Hoolie-gool-ooo-ooo, Scottish Sculpture Workshop (2018). He has


Collection #2 (2020) is an acousmatic composition for which sounds were sourced from the composer’s collection of synthesizers. All the synthesizers, heard in this piece, were made in the post-Soviet Eastern Bloc. Jonas Jurkūnas (b. 1978) is a composer keen on discovering and exploiting very different layers of musical creativity, from academic to pop and


“Pareidolic Bodies” (2020) is an art research project touching on the issues of electromagnetic pollution, radiation, sonic weapons, and sound healing. In his work, the composer employs mind-altering structures of sound frequencies, various scientific and technological methods borrowed from research on the magnetic fields emanating from organs of the human body, such as the heart


Edgars Rubenis’ composition “Durations of Objects” (2020) prescribes an investigative setting for exploration of possible links between the worlds of everyday and music. Guided by unconditional curiosity, the piece develops both nature and duration of its sound materials in close dialogue with everyday objects. Arising from a series of experimental study-pieces for solo performer, the


“Ready When You Are” (2020). “Our every conscious action or experience is based on movement,” claims Jūra Elena Šedytė. “Intentional action is also necessary for the production and propagation of sound, for which we use our bodies.” In her solo performance, which combines music, movement and visuals, Šedytė explores human body – primarily, her own


In his electroacoustic work, Alanas Gurinas uses various ready-made objects in combination with DIY instruments and manipulates the sound material arising from this junction. At Jauna Muzika he will perform live on his DIY instrument ‘Concordesonic’, which is an electronically prepared bicycle.


I have been active in the field of sound art and field recordings for more than fifteen years but it was not until 1994 that I became involved with more ‘conventional’ music. Among the groups, with which I played at that time, there was a free-form performance collective called SALA, with which we have made


Vilniaus energija is a duo of avant-garde rap and interactive poetry performer Žygimantas Kudirka-Mesijus and experimental jazz and electronic music creator Adas Gecevičius. The visual part is taken care of by visual artist Asta Ostrovskaya. Taking advantage of legal loopholes, this group of creators has officially registered the name of the famous Lithuanian energy corporation